Recently, I realized that I hadn’t been watching a lot of TV. This isn’t necessarily a problem, because I don’t think that too much television is a great thing for a person to do, but at the same time, I think that as an actor its very important you keep up with the current shows on air. So, I started watching a show on Hulu that is in its third season now, and I had heard a lot about. This show is called Casual, and I think I am in love.
     There is a certain reality to this show and the understated comedy that is in it that makes it so comfortable to watch and something very easy to binge watch to your heart’s content. There is so much about this show that makes me laugh, cringe, and find myself thinking, “that’s me.” If you haven’t started watching this show, then I would highly suggest you get on your computer, smart TV, or whatever other device you have available to you and that you start watching.
     The writing is completely amazing, but the acting in this show is something else. It is completely natural in a way that is so hard to come by these days on TV for a show that is considered a comedy. It just flows in such a beautiful way that makes you think you’re watching your friends have a deep seeded conversation about something important to their lives. It is amazing.
     So take my advice and watch this great show because you will not be disappointed. Comment below how you feel about it and if there are any other shows we need to recognize!

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