Recently I went to an audition where the line was ALL IN CAPS with exclamation points at the end of it!!! The audition and waiting space were close together, and with thin walls I could hear a lot of the other auditions going on. Much to my surprise and the chagrin of other actors, I heard time after time, the actress going in and doing the line once in her normal speaking voice, and then again a little louder after the casting director gave some notes, and FINALLY a third time, in the voice and tone that one would expect from a line written like that.
When I went into that audition room, you better believe that I said that line EXCITED and LOUD. The casting director was surprised and told me, “wow you totally nailed it first time! We don’t need to do it again, great job!” in a case like this, it is better to go too big than not big enough and have to continually be asked to step it up. When you read a line that is in all caps, or with punctuation other than a single period, make sure that you are actually applying it to the way that you deliver the line. It could make all the difference in you getting called back or not.