You have probably all noticed the changes in television programming in the last several years. Gone are the days of “Fall line ups” where all the new shows premiere. Cable networks that use to only run films started designing high quality shows of their own with big name film stars as leads. New shows began airing in the Spring and Summer rather than the traditional fall premieres. And thank god “reality” TV is less and less. But lets talk about what this does for the actor.

Mainly actors have focused on “pilot season” being from January til about April. Then in March through June you would have kids films being cast. And fall began episodic TV casting and film for the upcoming summer releases. And back to pilot season again. While pilot season is still a “season” there are pilots being cast and worked on year round now and not just being lined up for fall premieres. And bigger and bigger names are going into television, so the competition is steep. Rather than going out on say 15 pilots during pilot season, you may only go out on 7 and find a few pilots come on your plate over the summer or fall. And what this means for you…. you need to be professional and prepared each and every time.


1.) Make sure that you have fresh current headshots to work with. Just like commercials, headshots wear out. Casting likes to see new images of you.

2.) Make sure all your media is up to date. Your website, your actors access, your imdb and any other sites that your agent or manager have wanted you to sign up for.

3) Make sure you have about 15 theatrical shots printed.

4) Examine your resume to make sure that it is current and updated.

5) Work on your overall acting skills in a class you find valuable.

6) Make sure that you have a couple of coaches that you can call to prepare for auditions that your agent gets you.

7) Make sure your bio is current and updated

These are the basics. They will always be the basics. The rest is up to you. Be prepared. Be calm. Be ready.

Written by: Jessica Pettyjohn