Making the switch from classic cable TV to being 100% streaming dependent can seem unthinkable to some people. I can just imagine the thoughts floating around, “But I’ve had cable for 15 years!”, “I think I need the wires to get a clear picture!”…

     But I want to know how many people are currently watching shows on cable that they cannot get from streaming? This is the first year that no shows from NBC were nominated for an Emmy, and currently all of the “This Years Best TV Shows” from multiple websites (,, are all shows that can be viewed online. So, if, and when you decide to take a look at that yearly cost (on average $1,000 a year for cable), and decide that it just isn’t for you anymore, I am here to help you pick the best way to stream your favorite shows for less money, and more fun.

Roku 4: Retails at $129, this streaming device supports the new 4K UHD video resolution. With the Roku 4 you have access to Netflix and Hulu (who offers CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox shows all on demand). This device also supports almost every other streaming service available, so stations like PBS (which offers free streaming) will be available to you; all you have to do is download it to your Roku 4.

Sling Television: A service that offers all on demand shows on ABC, TBS, History Channel and much, much more for about $20 a month, which can also be upgraded to provide HBO streaming. The shows are usually available for viewing one day after the original broadcast. So, beware of spoilers on Facebook… but other than that, it’s cheaper than cable and you can get just as much with it.

Smart TV: Almost all TV companies are introducing televisions that offer these streaming capabilities already built into them. Companies such as LG, Vizio, and Samsung are making some pretty amazing televisions, where streaming is available at the click of a button. If you are in the market for a new TV, I would highly suggest taking a look at these.

Apple TV: Of course, I have to mention Apple TV, because it is one of the most popular streaming devices out there. Although it is more expensive than the Roku 4 (the newest generation retails at about $150 for the smallest memory, and around $200 for the 64 gb) it does have voice control and it also offers iTunes downloading (it’s probably better to have the larger memory so that you can actually download some movies and apps).

     There you have it! Those are the hottest streaming devices on the market right now, and the biggest bang for your buck would probably be the Roku 4. If you are looking to buy a new TV on the other hand, go for a smart TV and skip the added technology of an extra box!

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