Part two of this series in the blogs about educating yourself has to do with your online presence! When you are working on building your social media presence (which is totally something actors should be Doug these days) it is important you keep yourself educated on what the heck it is you’re doing! Social media spans from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and circles right back around to your very own website.

     You need to educate yourself on what it is that makes a social media account successful. This includes the time you post, your follower base, how to create a theme for yourself, and honing in on what makes you special as an artist and an actor and really promoting that. There are many ways you can educate yourself on these things, but the first and most simple way is to do a simple Google search on creating content for social media.

     Teaching yourself the basics of editing a photo, putting a video together, and making sure you are able to upload media online are important factors for your career as they are things that are very common place and pretty much expected of all actors! If you don’t know anything about uploading videos online, or editing them in a quick and short way, then it will be hard to share all of the work you do as an actor. This is a big part of self-promotion; putting videos and links up on your social media accounts so that people can see the art you’ve been creating!

     There are plenty of online courses that teach you the basics of photo and video editing and this is something that you should take interested in learning if you are someone who does self-promotion. Creating demo reels, putting snippets up from the shows you co-star in, and many other things, are all done with the education of how to edit. So make sure your social media game is on point and teach yourself some useful editing tricks!

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