When it comes to film, there’s one culture that knows how to nail a story and tell it through several different ones that you never think have anything to do with each other, but always end up cumulating in the most beautiful of ways. This is French Film. There is a certain genius to it that is hard to understand, and almost impossible to replicate; like a generational family recipe. Here are some of these amazing films that are a must watch.

     Breathless is a Godard film, which is absolutely beautiful and revolutionary in he way it is shot. This film reminds me that an actors jobs is to move the story forward and to act with the very fiber of their being, not just with their face.

     A Man and A Woman is a film that one the Grand Prix OF Cannes is 1966 and it is a wonderful film about two people falling in love and the circumstances this brings them. This is a film that will leave you emotionally wondering how so much happened while so little was being shown. You see their separate lives but somehow their stories become one all throughout the film.

     Amelie is one of the quintessential “American” French films because it is probably the most popular. This is a great introduction to the world of French film because it uses aspects of American cinema (aka the structure of the story line, and the use of voiceover as a character itself).

     French films have an indescribable ability to tell several stories at once that seem to have nothing to do with each other until long after you’ve seen the film. The way they tell their stories is fundamentally different than American stories and it is well worth the time investment to watch some French films and educate yourself on it as a totally different form of art in film.