When you are starting out in the industry, who you know can be an extremely important factor. Considering that you need to be able to market yourself as a person to casting directors, agents, and managers, you should be pretty familiar with the skills of quickly making a working relationship with anyone. When you are able to create these relationships, you are more likely to be remembered by people and this is what will get you into the door and available to more opportunities.
     A great way to meet people this pilot season and to make friends with anyone and everyone you possibly can is to go to any and all events you get invited to. If someone is screening their TV show at their house, you should go. A premiere of a film? Count yourself in! Literally any chance you get to go out into the world and meet people in your same industry you should be taking.
     This even applies to smaller events such as plays, performances, or open mics. Getting yourself out there and making yourself known is the most important thing you can do when you are at the beginning stages of your career. It will also carry importance throughout the entirety of your career; think about how much exposure people get from being on the red carpet. There is press there for a reason, people!
     Make sure you are doing yourself a favor in your career this pilot season and going out to events, making yourself known as an artist, and connecting with other people in your same field. You will be happy that you did this, in the long run, it makes everything easier when you know someone for everything!

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