It is essential that every actor has their own website, no matter how famous or unknown they may be. This is a very competitive industry and as an actor you need to make a name for yourself. It’s all about branding.

A casting director is looking for someone who will bring something new to the table. MyActingSite does the hard work for you. No HTML, no designers and none of the hassle of traditional web design. If an agent or casting director were to go to your acting site, you don’t want to blend in with the crowd. The trick is to make it personable and to tell a story that stands out to people. So in this guide I’ll show you how it’s done!

  • Create and account with MyActingSite and use the code “tendollarwebsite” (without quotes). You’ll even get a domain name, which is normally around $14, so you’re already saving money. The set up and design process is pretty straightforward.
  • First you need to pick a template, and from there you can customize it with demo reels, your updated resume, headshots and your bio.

Need inspiration? Check out these sites – also made with MyActingSite.