Lately, there’s been more buzz than usual around the entire indie culture, and I’ve found that there’s nothing better than learning about new things. So, as it happens, I delved into the independent world and found out so much information that my little heart could sing. Although there’s a plethora of things to say about indie and about different directors, films, actors, and producers, the one thing that I will emphasize more than all else is how important Independent Film culture is to our society.

Indie is what has been driving so much creative impulse for so long that I feel to neglect this aspect of the film world would be to neglect and entire populous of artists and creators of genius work. A way that independent film has affected a gargantuan number of people in the industry is that it gives everyone a creative outlet. Independent films are more diverse and more culturally explicit and accepting than any major studios are, and that is something that will project the underdogs of our society into the future.

Anyone who wants a different scope on the world, and to look at things a different way than they are portrayed in the world of large-scale studios can access this easily by entering in the complex world of Independent films, and I don’t think that there is much better than that.

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