When you have an Instagram account as an actor it is very important that you know how to use it to your benefit. It can be an extremely valuable asset when you know how to use it; tons of people are discovered through Instagram, and a lot of modeling agencies have been requiring a large following on Instagram for quite some time now! When figuring out Instagram it’s very important that you get as much information on the subject as possible because there are a million different applications that you can download from the app store to help with your endeavors. There is always the option of hiring someone to do your social media for you, but let’s face it, that’s expensive and you could do it yourself! So let me help show you how!

            Content: you want to make sure that you have a solid idea of what content you want to be posting. You want to make sure that you are posting things that are relevant to your career and the jobs you want to be booking. If you are primarily looking to be in comedy, then you should be posting videos and pictures that are funny! (I.e. bits and snippets from any shows you perform, funny captions on comments, etc…)

            Tags: Instagram is a very particular place. Tags are so important to the things that you post that when you don’t use them, your likes could decline severely. When I use the right tags on a photo it’s the difference between fifteen to twenty likes and seventy to upwards of one hundred.

            Following Others: You have to follow other people to gain followers. In order to get real followers, you want to be following real people. Start small following people you know, then build up. But make sure you keep them real and make sure you stay active on your account.

            Download Apps: Some of the best applications that I have that work for Instagram and have gotten me a lot of followers and likes are InsTrack (you can see who is following you, who isn’t, unfollow and follow masses of people at once, keep track of your likes), Instatag (This is so that you don’t have to think about coming up with all of those very important tags I was telling you about earlier!), and Instafollow (an app that is very focused on getting you more followers, which is great).

      So there you go! Make sure that you check out the app store for the apps that you are most interested in, and make sure you follow me on Instagram (@TabithaBrownstone) so that I can follow you back! We (@MyActingSite) also do promos and shout outs on Twitter for a simple follow. Just let us know how we can help you because (not like I always say this or anything) we love helping actors!

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