-Last Man on Earth: My favorite show currently. Will Forte proves (not that we needed him to prove it because of all of his amazing years on SNL) how much of a comedic genius he really is. I was weary of the show initially, because how could a show about one man be funny? Turns out, he isn’t actually the last man on earth, and the rest of people who turn up could not be funnier.


-Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Tina Fey’s newest show creation. This show is about a girl who was recently rescued from an underground doomsday preper’s cult. I am a little uncertain of whether I like this show or not, the reason being that I am not sure if I enjoy Ellie Kemper as much as everyone else seems to (I feel bad for writing that, like it may cause her little nose to crinkle out of a cringe, but its just how I feel) but I am still going to recommend it because it takes place in New York, and come on, its Tina Fey.


-House of Cards: I am convinced this is one of the best shows on TV (technically on the internet, but whatever that’s such a technicality). This show is entertaining yet leaves you in a quandary wanting to know what the next episode entails to such an extent that you can’t help yourself but click “Play next episode now” on your Netflix. Well, folks, click away. You won’t regret it.

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