In today’s present day, there is so much that you need to be aware of when it comes to your online presence and how you are seen on the internet. Who posts what, where, and why can affect you in positive and sometimes negative ways and it is important that you have as much control over that as possible as an actor and someone who will be in the public eye. Here are the top reasons why it is important to be active on social media and some of the best ways to promote yourself through your online presence!

            -Control what people see about you with your own website. You can post exactly what you want them to know about and promote everything you act in that you want them to see!
            -Show people how often you are on set through Instagram.
            -Write paragraphs about learning about yourself and the industry through your experiences on set on your Facebook.
            -Post all of the interesting things you hear on set on twitter.
            -Show your friends the best parts about living in LA.
            -Hide from your friends and family the worst parts about living in LA (aka traffic, or post an ironic picture about it and see how they respond).
            -Make yourself seem right for any part that you want to get by posting those types of posts, photos, and information.
            -Keep yourself up to date on what’s happening with all of your other actor friends and help promote their jobs that they book.
            -Keep yourself fresh in the mind of agents, managers, casting directors, and especially directors with up to date content all about you!

      There are a million different reasons that you need to have a strong social media presence and those are just a few of them. This digital age we live in is demanding and requires people to be responsible for their own platforms if they want to keep them true to what they believe. So protect yourself, your name, and everything you want to represent as an actor and an artist by keeping your social media presence strong and alive!