Are you looking for something fun to do with all of your actor friends? Need things to do to keep yourself busy while you aren’t working on your next job or audition? Well, we are lucky here in Los Angeles because we have some of the best and most exciting attractions that people come from all around the globe to see and do! There are tons of great things to do here and in case you need some fun ideas and activities, I will help you out here and now!

1.             Go to the Getty Museum. There are tons of beautiful works of art in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. One of the prettiest and most exciting to be at (and a great place to take some sick Instagram pics) is the Getty and, although it is not close, the Getty Villa. This museum is beautiful and well worth the traffic you may face getting there. Amazing views, insane art, and surprisingly good food are just a few of the things you will find here.
2.             Bob Baker Marionette Theater. It sounds a little crazy but in LA there are tons of cool things to look at and enjoy such as the Bob Baker Marionette Theater! If you are a fan of theater, especially marionettes, you will find this to be a very interesting and exciting experience. They have great shows that you can see and tons of opportunities to laugh and enjoy some great marionette theater. It is also the oldest theater of its kind in all of Los Angeles, which makes it classic!
3.             Venice Beach. This one may seem sort of cliché or too “classic LA” but if you haven’t been or if you have not visited the boardwalk and Santa Monica Pier for a long time, I would highly suggest going. There is something magical about being surrounded by the people, street artists, and all different types of food that you can really only find in this one spot.
4.             The Skyslide in Downtown LA. This is something that I personally would be too terrified to do because let’s face it, sliding down an all glass slide off the side of a building in the middle of Downtown sounds pretty freaking scary, but if that sounds like something that tickles your fancy, try it and let me know how it goes!
5.             Swing Dancing in Pasadena on Thursday nights at Lindy Groove (which is actually held in a Masonic Temple!). Show up early for the lesson and stay late for the fun! You actually don’t need to bring a dance partner because swing dancing could be described as one of the friendliest dances in the world. The venue is gorgeous, and people do dress up! So go enjoy some dancing!
6.             Hollywood Boulevard. This one may give you a headache from just looking at the name itself, but I find that if you live in LA it is important to show up down there every once in a while and see what everyone is up to. This is a place where literally anyone can be literally anything (and they are) and it is sort of a beautiful thing for that. So go down to Hollywood Boulevard and check out the wax museum, take a photo for some tourists, and snap a cool Instagram pic of your own!

I hope these gave you some ideas of things to do on your downtime from auditioning and preparing for your next job! If you need any other ideas, advice on acting, or just need to talk to another industry professional, we here at My Acting Site love helping actors more than anything else in the world, so like, comment, message, and we will help you out! Enjoy!

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