When preparing for an audition it is very important that you have everything ready to go and perfectly set up exactly how you want it to be. This means giving yourself time, not only before the audition, at home, but also when you are in the actual audition room. Showing the Casting Director that you are prepared and professional is a great way to make a lasting impression on them. This paired with an excellent performance? They will be begging you to come to work the next day! If you are an actor in the industry who wants to be booking regularly then you need to be able to take your time to prepare for your auditions!

     Make sure you have the time to memorize your lines. It is not very professional to show up to a job without your lines memorized, in fact it is considered rude and not something you want to do especially when you are starting out in the industry! When you show up to an audition, it is the same deal. You want to be prepared with your lines fully memorized and ready to make whatever changes the casting director may want you to do to your performance and delivery! You need to have your character fully down, obviously, because that is who you are going to be as soon as you’re done charming the pants off of the Casting Director!

     When you walk into the audition room, it is important that you take a moment to get yourself ready to deliver an amazing performance. Take your time (a reasonable amount of time, of course) to make sure that you are comfortable, certain of your surroundings and the space you are in, and fully in character, ready to deliver a top-notch performance. Taking your time in the audition room is an extremely important step in the audition process. If you are someone that gets nervous or stage freight at all, then this is a very important thing for you to do!

     Find your grounding before and during the audition, feel comfortable with the character and the lines, and you will do great!

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