Whether you’re new to LA or you’ve started growing roots here, fear is something that’s common amongst actors in pursuit of career success. It may be fear of auditioning, fear of forgetting lines, fear of not being good enough or fear of rejection. As an actor, you should not – in fact, you cannot fear any of those things. You can overcome them by preparing yourself, and accepting that they only exist in the sense that they’ve been manufactured by your ego.

Even in conquering those fears, there is one greater fear that is completely natural, and when you overcome it you’ll unlock your true potential as an actor.

This fear is the fear of freedom – living in the unknown, where there are no specific predetermined goals. Because we all have our ideas of how and what we should be and do – most of which are given to us. This fear of the unknown, and being free to experience it, is truly terrifying for actors. It’s a challenge to leave that comfort zone and the confines of what is familiar, by allowing you to explore yourself in a deeper way. This exploration is the catalyst for growth. It will help you to gain new perspectives, tap into emotional vulnerability and then reevaluate what you want out of life.

This freedom is what will lead to your best acting.

At Berg Studios, we emphasize confidence building and the development of technique to help students to conquer typical fears, and instill a natural process to owning their characters and scenes. This emphasis on technique and structure are a means of freedom that can be scary. Overcoming the fear of the unknown that’s associated with such personal freedom will be the key to your professional success.

So while Franklin D. Roosevelt would have us all believe, “there is nothing to fear but fear itself,” as it pertains to acting, the better interpretation may be, “there is nothing to fear at all – once we eliminate our ego, accept the unknown and free ourselves to experience it.”

Contributed By: Berg Studios


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