Much advice is given to actors these days about what they need to have in order to succeed. “Have you gotten an agent yet?” “Do you have a good manager?” “Do your headshots look like you?” “Do you have a web site up?” All of these are very valid and important things that help an actor get the auditions, the roles, the career.

But how about what the actor needs to CREATE?

Do you have a sense of what you want to create as an artist?

An artist is involved in creating moments. It’s your job to do something that causes an audience, or a casting director, or a director, to experience a moment in that character’s life that didn’t exist before. And by creating those moments, you will actually influence people.

Here is the next question: can you create these moments with certainty? Can you do it sometimes? Can you do it once in a while? Or can you do it all the time? Can you walk into an audition and feel confident that you are going to be believable and make someone have an actual experience?

As an actor you have to create a believable and convincing character. Your agent and manager, and yourself too, work so hard to get you in that room, but if you don’t deliver, the business model falls apart.

Do you have a technique that you use to become a character and live as that person in that moment, in that room, right then and there? Do you have the tools to read a script and take that character from the page and turn them into a living, breathing person, every time? For real?

That’s the next, very important step in this two-step process.

Learn, practice, drill, and get that skill for yourself. Deliver consistently.

So create the kind of character moments you want to create and make them believable. Then create them at auditions and on set, and you will have the career you want, because you created it!