Have you ever needed a place to meet someone for a quick bite of food, a rehearsal, or an official meeting with an industry professional? Have you ever found yourself scouring yelp for hours on end trying to find the perfect place to suggest? Well, we have the solution for you right here! Behold, a list of great places Los Angeles had to offer to have a meeting with someone, grab a coffee, or anything else you may need to be getting done at a restaurant!

           Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge: famous for their amazing burger and fun drinks, this is a perfect place to bring someone to celebrate booking a huge job, or if you just want to enjoy some fine dining. They have amazing food and even better ambiance. On a warm day, dining outside is ideal.

           The Ivy: another Beverly Hills gem, the ivy has the best chocolate chip cookies you could possibly imagine. The whole restaurant looks like a garden fairytale and it is definitely a place to bring anyone you may want to impress. It is fun, beautiful, and classic Los Angeles.

           Cliff’s Edge: this Silverlake restaurant is a hipper twist on “classic LA” they have a great exterior setting and a fun bar area. If you want a hip casual vibe, while still upscale and fancy, then this is definitely the restaurant for you!

           Noshi Sushi: Located right in between Larchmont and Koreatown, this restaurant is probably one of the most authentic and best sushi places in Los Angeles. They have amazing rolls and extremely fresh fish. They are not your typical American sushi bar, so it is only for people who actually enjoy fine sushi.

           Bon Vivant: This place is always hoppin’ and it’s because they have great ambiance and delicious food. This is a cafe which is much more casual than the rest of the places on this list, but if your manager wants to meet for coffee, or a fellow actor wants to meet up and run lines, this is the place to go! It’s in Atwater Village, which is super cute and hip.

     So there you have it! Keep this blog post in a safe place so that the next time you need to take someone out, you have a handy list of some great places to go! Please let us know what you think about any and all of these places and if we are missing any… we always love a good suggestion!

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