Throughout the ages people have struggled with many things, Man’s greatest journeys in this world have been anything but simple and easy to understand. One of Man’s biggest journeys thus far (especially if “Man” is an actor in today’s day and age) has probably been figuring out how to control what people think about you. To be able to alter someone’s opinion of you and allow yourself to be perceived as the angel that deserves to book every part that you go out on that you are. Today, we have achieved this ability partially through the common use of selfies on Instagram, funny stories of Facebook that may or may not have actually happened, and quippy little things on twitter. Having an online presence is extremely important and here are a million (okay, maybe a couple less) reasons that you need to get on your online game!

-Show people the amazing things you are up to
-Tell people to watch your shows, films, and commercials (and they will!)
-Allow friends and family to tell you how amazing you are
-Show pictures of your recent photo shoots
-Allow friends and family to tell you how amazing you look
-Gain a following
-Show potential agents and managers that you have said following
-Promote yourself as an actor
-Have a place to put all of your thought, emotion, and effort into
-Allow yourself to have a safe platform to share your art
-Give people a better idea of who you are as an artist
-Show family how well you’re doing
-Show old high school friends how well you’re doing
-Show your agent/manager that you are putting in any and all effort possible
-Tell everyone how motivated you are
-Allow the public to get to know you
-Show everyone your wide range of emotion, knowledge, and abilities
-Possibly be called in to audition for work
-Possibly book jobs from your online presence
-Let people know who you are from your own mouth
-Get your story out there
-Gain advice and knowledge about anything and everything
-Share your stories and your experiences
-Help other actors
-Teach other actors/ writers/ artists about the industry

     So, as you can see, there is an abundance of reasons that you need to be online, promoting yourself and your work. The truth is that I could go on and on making this list, but I am pretty sure that you get the point with these reasons. The Internet is an important place to make sure you are being seen by the entire industry. There are tons of actors out there and you need to be able to set yourself apart from the crowd with an awesome social media presence and a kick butt website! Make sure you are prepared for work to come to you with these things!

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