When working on your website, you want to make sure that you are keeping the following things in mind:
            -It’s the first impression you are giving total strangers about yourself as a professional and an actor.
            -You are trying to represent yourself as a business, and it’s completely possible you could book work from your website.
            -You want to make yourself look as great as humanly possible because of the two things above!

      This means that you want to obviously create the best impression possible for the people who come to look at your website! The goal here is to sell yourself from your website and make it impossible for a casting director, director, agent, manager, or whoever else may happen to look at your website to not hire you! One of the most important pages on your website is the homepage, obviously, because it is the first thing people see when they go onto your site.

      You want to make sure that your homepage on your website has a nice welcoming statement to show people that you are interested in them browsing your site and looking at all of the amazing acting things you have to offer! You also want to make sure you have a simple line up there about who you are. “Actress and writer extraordinaire, looking to conquer the world with laughter and art.” This is just a simple intro so that people know what they are in for.

      When you’ve got your welcoming statement worked out in addition to your information line about yourself, the last two things you are in need of are a simple line about what you have been up to lately, and something about subscribing to your website so that they can get the regular updates about you and what you are busy doing.

      The line about your current affairs is so that people can see what projects you have been working on, what you will be working on, what they can see you on now, etc… This is just to let people know that you are busy as an actor and an artist and that you want them to see what you are doing! And, when you gain subscribers it is you building your own fan base. This is so that when a potential manager, agent, or director says, “Why should I choose YOU?” your response is, among a TON of other amazing reasons, “People want to see me working, look at this,” and show them your lengthy list of subscribers!

      Have fun building your website and make it your own! The more personal you make it and fun you have with it, the more you will want people to look at it. When you make your website something that you love and personalize it just to your taste, people will enjoy looking at it even more than they already would! Enjoy!

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