About Myactingsite.com

for those that are curious…

MyActingSite.com was established in 2006, developed by a team of actors and web gurus in Hollywood, California. It spawned from a recognition that there was a complete lack of easy-to-use, affordable, and effective ways for actors to promote themselves online. So we built one!

Vampires, Be Gone

There were, and still are, too many scammers out there preying on the would-be actor. For example, you get your first nice part on a big show and it gets written up in Variety. Awesome! Except then some cyber-squatter reads your name and registers your domain so he can try to extort you when you make it big. We’ve seen it more times than we can count. Or the not-so-cool agent who says he will sign you after you pay him for “processing and promotional” fees. Following this, he sends you to his best friend photographer who charges you and arm and a leg for headshots. In turn, this fellow then sends you to his buddy to do a site for you, and thousands of dollars (or more!) later you are still without a fully-functioning marketing tool. Other sites also charge you to upload photos, add resume credits, or upload demo reels. It doesn’t cost them anything else to store another photo of you and it shouldn’t cost you either. Plus it’s their name that you have to send people to (promoting them), not yours. We find all this to be kind of lame. Why not be the Captain of your own online ship?

Promotion is Key

One of the keys to making it in this business is the promotion of who you are and what you bring to the party. A website is the easiest approach to this, since it’s a destination where every aspect of your career can be observed in one place. More and more casting directors, agents, producers, and directors are going to the web to scout for talent. And not only scout – if they see you and want to see what else you have going, they’ll Google you right away. If you are an actor without a website – without a way to represent yourself and what you do in this digital age – you are damaging your career. Do you want the impression of you to be social media: like partying photos and your dumb friends making crude comments on your feed? Not the best foot forward when you want to be hired. Our founders have been in the Industry since the 1980’s, and have been in the business of web site creation since the Internet arrived in the 90’s. In short, they know the acting world and the Internet like the backs of their hands, and they are experts in the creation of professional sites.

On Our Toes

Our development team meets regularly to ensure you are getting the best product at the best price on the market. Myactingsite.com takes pride as the leading easy-to-use, personal acting site solution for actors. We bend over backwards with free telephone support to make sure all actors get the help they need with all aspects of their site (and beyond – check out our blog!). Many of us are actors, and we get it, you want to invest more into your art, so we don’t extra for anything at all. Why are we so affordable? We believe this is all that actors should have to pay to have a fully functional website that they can update anytime and anywhere, so we built this platform on a scale where we could keep the cost super low. We believe you should get as much as you can, for as little as possible. We also believe that all lunches anywhere should cost only $1.00 (we’re still trying to make that work out). But finally, we believe your day job shouldn’t be as a web developer just so you can support your presence on the internet. So let us do the heavy lifting, and go out and break a leg! -the staff of MyActingSite.com