Something that always makes me feel better artistically is the knowledge that there are people doing the same thing that I am, and that they have been able to have success that is widespread. I love seeing emerging artists find success in their careers and knowing that there are still many, many more jobs not only available, but screaming my name. There’s so much to create, so much art to make, and I love being inspired and finding the inspiration in people all around me.


-Josh Wiggins (Hellion): a 14 year old whose first role in a feature film was played opposite Aaron Paul and Juliette Lewis.


-Thomas Mann (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl): Thomas has been around the block a little while but is just now starting in starring roles. He is a great actor and quite inspiring, from following his career.


-Robert Eggers: A youthful director based in Brooklyn who won Sundance this year for his direction of the film The Witch.


Those are some of the recent Sundance winners who I found to have delivered a wonderful product, but there are many other people and places that are inspiring and inspire art to be created. You just have to look for them.

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