I’ve had many clients call me and ask, “How come I can’t see my website? I went to johnsmith.com but it doesn’t come up!” The first time this happened, it was pretty mystifying. You see, I would go to johnsmith.com and there it would be, radiating glory from every pore. What has occurred here?

It took about 4 minutes of questioning before I finally asked the right one. It turned out that this individual was entering their web address into Google. As in, they were searching for their web address. Since he had just registered his web address, it wasn’t showing up in the Google search yet, so naturally there was a confusion.

The simplicity is this: All you have to do is type the web address in the topmost field in your web browser. It looks something like this:




Type the address in there, e.g., johnsmith.com, then press Enter. You’ll be whisked away to the proper website.

Hope this was helpful!