There comes a time in every My Acting Site blog post where the blogger is entitled to blog about something unrelated to acting. So here it is! Last night I went to a gymnastics class. Not only was it so fun, but it was also great exercise. I used to do gymnastics as a child but basically forgot how to do everything I had learned over the years. This class was like walking into the past. The fluorescent lit gym space with tufts of powder spraying into the air from the hands of small gymnasts that have more strength in their right arm than you have in your entire body, the smell of their hardworking feet.

The workout value from this class is what I appreciated the most. Which is where I relate this directly to acting, just as I said I wouldn’t, sorry for breaking my promises. I find that it is extremely important to always present yourself in a way that you would want to be seen and remembered as. This, for me, means feeling confident physically which usually equates to me working out pretty regularly. I think that I have found a new way to work out with gymnastics, which will not only help me physically but will also be a great item to put on my RESUME! “Let’s hire this girl, she can do a backflip!” Wow, yes, sign me up.