Something that happens quite frequently in the industry is that your agent will say you are “on hold” or “on spec” for a part. The first time you hear it, it can be confusing, and it is a part of the industry that can be likened to limbo. On one hand, congrats!!! You almost have the job! On the other hand, “on hold” could mean several things and you don’t have the job YET so don’t get too excited.

“On hold” can mean that the job is up in the air and the producers don’t know if they want you or another actor to play the role. It can also mean that they are considering you for a different role, or seeing if the other previously cast actors feel chemistry with you, or, or, or… “On hold” means that they want you but they’re not 100% sure, so wait here and don’t take any other jobs while we decide. It can be awesome when you book the job. Not so awesome when you don’t.

If you are put on hold or not is up to you. It is technically time that could be spent booking something else so always keep that in mind while considering the project that you are being put on hold for. All in all, it’s way better than a callback. So pay yourself on the back and keep looking forward!

  1. After being put on hold is it ethical to write to the casting director may be thanking him and assuring him that you would be the right pick?

    1. While it is technically ethical, it is not recommended. The casting director typically does not have final say in who is cast in the production, so it is not sure that it would be a fruitful message to send and may come across as needy. It is better to make a casting director remember you by delivering an excellent audition in the room, and if you aren’t right for this particular part, trust that you did your job well enough that they will call you in for something else. Please let me know if this answers your question and if there is anything else I can help you with! Thanks!

  2. Yes it was helpful and nice thank you! I will ask one other question…… Is it normal to be kept on hold until the very last minute? I am on hold since Thursday last week and wardrobe is Thursday this week. Could I possibly be kept on hold until Wednesday? I’m sure it is possible but is it common? Thanks again!

    1. Tell me about it. Audition was Monday, Tuesday agent calls and tells me we’re on hold. Filming for the role is the following Wednesday. Its now sunday and haven’t heard anything. Ugh.

      1. Our fingers are crossed for you! But no matter what, obviously you did your best work in that audition, which is kick butt and really the only thing you have solid control over! Great job!

  3. Thanks for this article. Curious how long could one be placed on hold? I’ve been on “hold” for almost two weeks now for a television guest star, but haven’t heard anything. Will casting even let me know if I am “off hold”— Aka did not book it? Thanks.

    1. Hey Ella,

      Typically you will hear if you are “off hold” because they are preventing you from taking other offers for jobs. You will be released from being on hold when they have given the job to someone else. Sometimes they may not ever release you, but typically they do.

      Hope that helps! Sounds like you’re doing great, keep winning and keep at it! 🙂

    1. Hi! “Strong Hold” is not something that I am familiar with necessarily. I know there’s being “pinned” for a job and that could probably be considered a “strong hold” but I haven’t ever actually heard that term. Sorry about that! Regardless, I hope whatever job it was, you booked it!

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