When you’re on set, there’s one thing you want to never leave the front of the camera; drama. Drama and dramatic behavior should not be something that you carry into set with you no matter how successful you are or become. There is no reason to bring drama into your relationships with the people you work with. There is no reason to contribute to the drama that may be on set already. There is no reason you can’t dispel the drama and make being on set a fun and comfortable place for everyone involved!

     Keeping yourself free and clear of drama and gossip on set may seem boring at first, or like you aren’t “a part of the cool crowd,” but in the long run, it’s the only way to ensure you have done everything to make sure people want to work with you again and again. People like to work with people they enjoy. This is a fact and it is something that will continue to hold true throughout your career!

     Being someone that others like to work with includes staying out of the drama that may be happening on set, and aiming to only spread good about other people. You have to be willing to be the bigger man when it comes down to annoying little things people may do, and make sure that you are being the most enjoyable you can possibly be.

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