So you have an amazing website that you are in love with and that was custom built by yourself, and by out helpful people here at MyActingSite. Your next step is showing it off in all of the right ways so that it will bring you the most traction and attention possible as the amazing actor you are. Although this may seem like a daunting feat at first, it is actually quite simple, and I am going to lay out exactly how you can do this for yourself right here and now!

1)             Share your website with family and friends. Get their feedback on it and see how they like it. Is it laid out in a way that they find to be easily navigated? Were they able to find and sign up for your email newsletter easily? How much do they love your freaking amazing new site? Getting their opinion on this is a safe and easy way to feel out if your website needs any final touches to make it the perfect site to show yourself off.
2)             Post your website to Facebook. Give your extended friends a taste for who you are as an actor. Tell them to go check out your website and to let you know when they do by signing up for your newsletter! Start gaining some attraction and attention to your website and your social media by doing this and pushing it.
3)             Show your websites to your agents and manager! When you have your website finished and all beautiful, showing it off to your representation will not only impress them but add to the importance you are placing on your own career that they can feel and see. When you work very hard, it makes them want to work harder to get you into more and more audition rooms.

      The bottom line is to get yourself OUT THERE into the world, get your name known by everyone, and make it extremely clear that you are an actor looking to make some magic. When you get your work out there on the Internet and share it with everyone you know, it makes you a heck of a lot closer to achieving your goals and dreams.