Other than being a member of SAG/AFTRA (which means that you will be paid SAG/AFTRA scale, be taken more seriously as an actor, have a higher chance of booking major roles in films, etc…) there isn’t much more that you could want in the beginning of your career as an actor. Besides the perks such as decent pay for the jobs you do, protection from booking illegitimate work, and general career help, there are many other benefits that are less widely known. These benefits are sometimes random and have nothing to do with the industry, and sometimes not so random and actually apply to the acting industry. Here are some of those things that you may not have known before:
-Hooters: Yes, that’s right. You can have a discounted meal at the famous t&a restaurant at the expense of SAG/AFTRA. You just present your card when you are paying for your delicious experience and they will discount your meal.
-AVEDA: Ever waned to try out some fun skincare product but didn’t know about paying full price for it? Well with the AVEDA deal from SAG/AFTRA, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Pay a $25 lifetime membership fee to AVEDA, and receive 25% off all of the skincare goodies you could ever need in life.
-Touro University Worldwide: That’s right. If you were ever worried about your acting career not working out, you can use your SAG/AFTRA membership which you earned with your acting career to gain the knowledge about, you guessed it, a different career. Thanks for the plan B, SAG/AFTRA!
-Hollywood Forever Cemetery: Perhaps it is the fact that the Hollywood Forever Cemetery wants to be the largest home to dead stars (I don’t know if they actually want that, but why wouldn’t they!?) but I find it a little odd, and hilarious that SAG/AFTRA members get a 15% discount for all Cremation, Burial, and any other death service that your cold heart would desire. But hey, you have to be buried somewhere, might as well get one last discount!

     And there you have it. An array of great things you will have discounts on/ currently have discounts on as a member of the glorious SAG/AFTRA. Enjoy your burgers, face wash, classes in marriage counseling, and even a funeral at the discounted price of at least 15% off… after all, you’ve earned it, you’re a member now!

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