I love getting an audition at any time of the day. I love it because I know that it is the answer to advancing my career, and I love it because acting is really the only career path I could take that I would be happy in. I love, love, love getting auditions. Something that I do not particularly love about the entire process, though, is the traffic it takes to get to these auditions that I love so much. Here’s a layout of one of the days I had recently:

-Work from 9-11:30am

-Audition in Burbank at 12

-Lunch at 1pm

-Audition in Culver City at 3pm

-Audition in North Hollywood at 5:45pm

I know the feeling of terror that crept in on you reading that schedule, “how did she do it!?” you say as you weep from behind your computer screen, thinking about all of the unfortunate traffic you know I ran into. Well, it happened people, and believe it or not, I was only late to lunch. I kept a happy face on the entire day, not only because I had THREE auditions that day (HECK YEAH!) but also because when I am in a foul mood, my audition typically does not go as well. “Happy all day? In that traffic? Psh!” You decry once again from behind the laptop in front of you. “Yes,” I respond in a calming manner, “Yes, because I have many tricks up my sleeve to make any car ride a happy car ride.”

Want to know how to make the tedious drive to your audition less awful and more aw-FUN (I’m sorry for that pun, but I just had to do it)? Stay posted for the next post!

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