There is not a lot that makes an actor happier than having a super busy week full of auditions and booking jobs. Most of the time, it is not typical to have more than one audition in a day. Your agents love you and don’t want to kill you with driving time and a fear that you are going to be late your next audition, so they usually try their best to get an audition for you on the opposite end of the day as the one you already have, or on another day. It is your job as an actor to make sure you say “Yes!” to the auditions that your agent works hard to get for you, and it is, even more, your job to make sure that you arrive to your auditions on time, and display the amount of professionalism expected by your agents, manager, and casting directors that you are going to see.

      If it ever happens that you are in a situation where you feel you won’t be able to make your audition, or you’ll be late to it, for whatever reason it may be, the best thing that you can possibly do it to call your agents and let them know about it. When you are in this situation, it may seem embarrassing that you could be late to your audition and you may not feel comfortable telling your agents that you need to change the time, or maybe even the day. Your agents will be happy to hear from you, and more often than not, it will be possible for them to get the time changed for you.
This is something that is excusable every once in a while and happens to tons of actors on the daily.

      If you arrive late to an audition or worse yet, miss one completely, it makes your agents look bad and makes the both of you look completely unprofessional. When you feel that this may happen, you have an obligation to your agents to let them know that you are running late and need their help. The last thing you want to do is upset someone that really believes in you and wants to help make your career happen because they are working for you for free until you actually book some work and have some success! So just always remember that your success is the same exact thing as your agent’s success, and if you are having an issue with timing, or anything else that may prevent you from making your audition, make sure you let them know!

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